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Bill Rankin, in collaboration with The Center for Urban Pedagogy, Labor Notes, The Longshore Workers’ Coalition, and Thumb Design, 2008

for your wall:
32" x 22" ($6.00)

This map is the main spread from a pamphlet made for members of a longshore workers’ union. The goal was to show the NAFTA intermodal shipping network as continental in scope, yet still able to be compromised by local disturbances. From the point of view of shipping companies, the network must balance efficiences of scale (such as the huge port of Los Angeles / Long Beach) with the need for redundancy in the face of labor, political, or meterological disturbances. At the same time, workers must find new ways to organize if they are to keep their place at the table.

For more information, or to purchase a pamphlet, see the Making Policy Public website. It is also available from Printed Matter.