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Kathryn Rodrigues, 2008

.ZIP with all countries as individual high-res files (5 MB)

TO: Bill
FROM: Kathryn

This series was inspired by a teacher's edition atlas from the mid-1990s, which had a graphic for each country superimposed to scale on an outline of the US. I recreated the entire series from A to Z using ink on vellum. I was intrigued by the slow, methodical process of precisely drawing the shape of every country and redrawing the outline of the US over and over and over. I found that a visual conversation based on line, shape and scale depoliticized these shapes, many of which are already out of date.


TO: Kathryn
FROM: Bill

I noticed that not all countries were included; it's hardly a problem, but Iím curious how you made the decision about which were in and which were out.

til soon,