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Pushing the Boundaries of “Map”
This American Life, Episode 110: Mapping (9/4/98) (thank Kayte for the link)
Map of the noise level of every outdoor space in Paris. Incredible. (thank Alex for the link)
Logarithmic Map of the Universe (thank Louis for the link)

Flows and Interconnections
Freight flows to, from, and within Massachusetts, from the USDOT (scroll down)
All the ships in the ocean, from SailWX
All the airplanes in North America, or the super-great 24hr animation
Fed-Ex flight tracks into Memphis during a thunderstorm (music optional — thank Emily for the link)
World Google searches over a 24-hr period

Local Knowledge and Mashups
The Laneways of Toronto, from Graeme Parry
Google Maps makes cross sections!, from Krystian Pietruszka
Where is the beer?
Starbucks Avoidance Map, by Ian Dallas (thank Emily for the link)
Why is nothing in Boston open 24 hours a day? has some amazing Boston mapping tools and data (thank Chris W. for the link)